coat of armsCoat of Arms

KLIMKOVICE - promoted to town after 1383. The Coat of Arms was supposedly created as the town was established by its founder (and also a royal valet) Beneš I of Kravaře. The existence of The Coat of Arms (including the Czech double-tailed lion) is documented thanks to a seal from the first half of 15th century.

Some details of the Coat of Arms were changed later. For example, a seal from 1628 included a lion with only one tail, while the final version of the Coat of Arms (used to this day) is a red shield with a silver double-tailed crowned lion with golden armour, on a green hill. Symbolism of a lion can be found perhaps in connection with the original German name of "Königsberg", or "King's Hill." However Klimkovice was never a royal town in the past, so Czech lion emblem was perhaps more of a sign of homage and devotion of the founder to the Czech king. The presence of a green hill, which was not originally a part of the Coat of Arms, might be trying to express the place of the former establishment of the original settlement, which is also confirmed by the second part of the German name of the town.

flagTown banner

Klimkovice has had the banner as a symbol of community cohesion since 2002. On June 5, 2001, the City Council chose the appearance of the banner out of six options presented in the tender. In the autumn of 2001, the town assembly of Klimkovice approved the definitive form of the banner. The form is based on the historic Coat of Arms – the base of the banner consists of two equally big horizontal stripes - red and green - and in the middle, there is a white two-tailed lion with a yellow crown and armour.

Heraldic design of the banner was done by Mgr. Jan Tejkal (company Heraldická tvorba Ostrava). On May 14, 2002 in the building of Parliament in Prague, Mayor of Klimkovice - Pavel Malik, accompanied by Deputy Mayor of the city Ing Peter Večerka received Decision No ..., from the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Vaclav Klaus. And so the ancient town of Klimkovice was awarded the town banner.

This solemn act was preceded by approval of the form of the banner by Subcommittee on heraldry and vexillology of Chamber of Deputies. Original banner and its operational replicas was manufactured by qualified company Alerion from Bystrice under Pernstejn and for this order, the town paid over 72,000, - CZK.

On September 14, 2002 the banner was consecrated in solemn mass in the church of St. Catherine. Consecration of the banner was a confirmation and linkage to history and history of the town, and was a tribute to our ancestors, and those who helped shape the long centuries of rich and unique history of our Silesian town. The banner was first publicly introduced in the Conference Room at City Hall ceremony of the city council meeting on Saturday September 14, 2002.